Helmet 28 are a leading European distributor of automotive products.

Racing and motorsport have always been my passion. In recent years this passion has grown and developed into a viable business, both on and off the track. The number 28 is something incredibly close to my heart. As my racing number it was “handed down” to me by my Dad, who in his younger years raced but wasn’t lucky enough to make it into the professional ranks.

I was fortunate enough to have a successful motorsport career, but something was always missing, I needed something away from the track that could replicate the same excitement I felt by winning. I quickly found however that the answer was closer to home than I’d realized. From racing I had built an incredible expertise and network throughout the industry, this allowed me to discover exceptional products and bring them to market. The buzz I felt from doing this was just like winning a race and I was hooked and Helmet 28 was formed.

Helmet 28 works with only the most disruptive and innovative brands and connects them with the best retail outlets and stakeholders in Europe. We have passionate sales staff, the best products and exceptional customer service. We work closely with all our outlets and spend time assessing new ones. We cover everything and tailor a bespoke plan for each brand’s needs; from market introduction, translation and import management to in-depth sales reporting and market analysis.

The Brands we distribute benefit from the 100% passion and commitment myself and my team have for each and every product. We combine large-scale operations with a start-up mentality to ensure a cost-effective and efficient market entry for each brand.

George Richardson, Founder Helmet 28 LTD